10x Content: What It Is and Do You Need It?

10x content is now a popular term used by Internet marketers everywhere. Randy Fishkin, a respectable and reputable guru in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and online marketing in general, notably used it. It basically refers to content that is ten times better than the usual stuff you see on the web.


At this point, you must already know that content is king. Whatever online marketing platform you go or use, content is the primary driver. After all, content, or information to be precise, fuels the Internet. Do note that when we say content, we do not just mean text. Content also includes videos, images, and even audio.


Anyway, one of the biggest reasons people go online is to feed on that very fuel. For marketers, and concerned parties in online marketing, content is your very bait or investment in order to achieve the goal you have set.


But why label good content with a term like 10x? Why not just label it as good content — as it really is? Well, we have no idea about them, but we think that setting apart the good content apart from the 10x content does make a difference. It allows you, including us, to become a bit more objective when it comes to content production.


Why? Because of this criteria list:


  1. Provides a uniquely positive user experience through the user interface, visuals, layout, fonts, patterns, etc.
  2. Delivers content that is some substantive combination of high-quality, trustworthy, useful, interesting, and remarkable
  3. Is considerably different in scope and detail from other works on similar topics
  4. Loads quickly and is usable on any device or browser
  5. Creates an emotional response of awe, surprise, joy, anticipation, and/or admiration
  6. Has achieved an impressive quantity of amplification (through shares on social networks and/or links)
  7. Solves a problem or answers a question by providing comprehensive, accurate, exceptional information or resources.


(Note: This list was copied from here: 10x Content.)


With this list, which is curated by Randy Fishkin himself, you can easily analyze and set objective goals when creating and editing content. After all, content generation can be a very subjective matter.


What makes 10x effective is that this type of content is the most suited on the web. It is geared towards search engine optimization with user experience on mind. Of course, that alone clearly establishes the fact that you do indeed need 10x content.


If you want further clarification regarding this topic, it is best that you head over to Moz, and checkout Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday video about this. Here’s the link: https://moz.com/blog/how-to-create-10x-content-whiteboard-friday. You’re welcome.

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