How to Communicate Properly with Your Web Designer or Developer

You already know what you want to present in your website. You might already have a website design in mind. However, the sad thing is that you might not know how to build or create a site in the first place — or how to even apply the design and post the content that you want.


Due to that, you will be forced to get a web designer or developer like us. However, when you get us or another web expert, how can you exactly convey your thoughts on how you want your website will be created?


UX and UI

You do not have to know every HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes to talk to a developer or designer. However, you must be at least familiar with UX and UI designing. UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface.


Knowing those two is your start in learning designer and developer lingo. Why do you need to learn those two anyway? In designing, these two are the core component on how your designer will apply his codes to your website.


If you want people to have an easier “life” while browsing your site, you must tell your designer on focusing on UX. If you want your visitors to find your website functional and feature right, you must tell your developer to focus on UI.


Look for Sample Sites

The easiest way to convey your thoughts is to provide your designer with a mock up. You can provide him with a sketch of your design. On the other hand, if you are capable of creating an image of your site in image editing programs like Photoshop, it will enough to give your developer an idea on how he will take on the project.


Alternatively, the easiest way is to look for websites that is similar to the design that you want. However, be reminded that you must make sure that your designer does not completely copy the design of the sample sites that you will provide. You do not want to get sued or get your site shut down just because your worker copied another site’s design.


Exercise Patience and Be Proactive

Your involvement with the designer and/or the developer does not end after you talk about the site you want created. Make sure that you become proactive on checking the progress of your site to make sure that there will be minimal mistakes. Also, be patient. Website development, especially if the design being followed is complex, can take a lot of time. Always give your worker some breathing space and be a bit lax during the early phase of the site’s development to avoid any friction with your designer and/or developer.

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