How to Increase User Engagement in Facebook

It seems that most Facebook pages are suffering from the same dilemma. A drop of engagement. We cannot help it. Facebook is continually changing how it present posts from pages on users’ timelines.


You cannot do with the regular text status updates, or just tagging people on your posts. You need to become creative. And follow these tips that work with today’s social media giant’s setup.


  1. Ask your followers. It easily tempts your audience to answer and engage with you. As long as they relate to your question, you can expect that at least one or two of them will answer.
  2. Let them choose. This is another form of question that is easily invite people to engage. Usually, you ask a simple like: Which one of these two will you choose? For example, you can post a picture of Star Wars and Star Trek. You can let your fans choose which of the franchise they love most.
  3. Post when your audience is online or offline. This part can be tricky. With Facebook changing its “algorithm” the past few months, posting together with other pages and people can make your post not appear on their timelines. You can try posting offline to raise your chances of appearing on their timeline the moment they go back online. Or you can take your chances and fight it off with other posts that commonly appears on their timelines.
  4. Post with pictures. In social media, picture is king. Posts with pictures tend to be viewed and shared more than videos and text posts. Just be sure to use relevant, colorful, and high quality images.
  5. Use Facebook Boost. If ever one of your posts becomes too popular than your regular ones, take that chance to use Facebook Boost. See how much its popularity goes. It might become viral, too.
  6. Tweak your post frequency. Posting too little will make you unnoticed. Post too much, and some of your content will never make it to your audience’s timeline. Experiment. Always check the amount of reach your posts when changing the frequency of your posts.
  7. Reply to everyone. Unless your page is already a big shot in social media, always make sure that you reply to every message and comment that your audience creates. It will encourage them to engage more.

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