The Instagram Account Growth – How To Check If It’s Organic Or Automated

  • The Instagram Account Growth – How To Check If It’s Organic Or Automated

About three billion users worldwide have at least one account in any social network and the social media users number is growing every day. Let’s consider Instagram as an example: it’s already used by about 700 million of users among them there are famous brands and bloggers, movie stars, popular singers and models and, of course, individual users.  The most common reason to build a presence on Instagram is to gain more popularity and influence on Internet. This way there is a great chance to have an opportunity to make money by promoting multiple products and services, attracting more audience to your account, collaborating with influencers and more. But to succeed on Instagram, you should have a huge number of followers and multiply it every day. The Internet is full of different tips and tricks on how to grow your account and your Instagram community – just use Google search with the query “grow my Instagram account”. It will provide you a plenty of blogs with the advice how you should behave on Instagram. But actually all the methods of growing an account can be associated with organic and automated ways of social media growth.

What is an organic growth?

What is supposed by the term “organic method of growth”? It means that you behave naturally on the social network and your actions draw other users to follow you. The natural behavior may include: posting the photos and videos, creating an unified theme for your posts, use of the popular and niche hashtags, organization of the contests and surely the engagement. As Instagram is all about social communication you should take part in making likes, comments, follows which are required to attract more users to like and follow you back. This way your account grows organically — so only your Instagram actions matter.

What is an automated growth?

They will engage other users instead of you: your task is just to target the specific hashtags, geotags or users otherwise this method won’t bring you your target audience but just random users and the bots will like posts, comment them and follow/unfollow users on behalf of your account. This method helps you to save much time and effort and obtain a larger exposure so real people will follow you on Instagram.

What are other strategies for instagram account growth?

You can use the most general one: follow a specific user on Instagram and see in your following feed how many likes, comments and follows he makes regularly. This way is the most well-known but indeed has a lot of flaws: you need to spend much efforts and time to highlight the activity of a certain user, and even if you succeed the results won’t be accurate as Instagram following feed algorithm doesn’t display all the user actions.

The both ways have their pros and cons and it’s always up to you to decide which of them will be useful for your engagement strategy meanwhile automated or bot-driven growth considered a grey scheme by many social media experts.


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