Tips on Maintaining Your Customer Flow

The competition is getting harsh in the contractor industry (and other lines of business, too). And there will be a point in time that the number of customers that you have right now will suddenly dwindle. Of course, to prevent that, you should do something. In case you do not know where to start, let this article be your initial guide.



Never let a customer walk away without you knowing why. In most tech companies, it has been a protocol that whenever a customer discontinue a service, they will be immediately provided with a feedback form. Since we deal with mostly contractors, it is a very uncommon thing to do. If you are not doing it yet, we are sure that it can be a crucial method in order for your company to mature and improve itself. You can even save a customer during this process.


Keep Record of Your Projects

It is unfortunate that most contractors we have seen (not actually worked with), tend to ignore the power of portfolios. Sure, it is much better to tell new prospects where you did your work. However, it will be much better (and easier, mind you), to show them pictures and videos instead of redirecting them to a place they need to visit.


Before and After Photos

This is something really crucial, especially if you want to have a solid portfolio. Just showing leads pictures of finished works do not tell a lot, to be honest. And just telling them in words will not suffice to convince them that they should have your service.


Provide them with before and after photos. Let them see the things that you have changed and improved. By showing these photos, they will have an idea on actual work quality that you can deliver. Even before and after photos of diet products easily attract customers (even if the pictures are fake most of the time) — the same will work with contractors.


Hoard Information

In advertising and marketing, hoarding information is an important process. The same goes with you, especially if you have an in-house marketing and sales team. Whenever you deal with customers, be sure to get all the contact information that you can get, and all the people they know that would want to hire your company. Never an opportunity to get details regarding those leads pass you by!


Expand Your Network

Connect with other businesses related to your industry. Hardware stores are nice places to start. Be sure to befriend them, and indirectly convince them to recommend you to their customers. Of course, do not only focus on business owners. You can connect to the employees, especially the customer facing ones (e.g., clerks, attendants, etcetera).





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