Top Social Media Plug-ins For WordPress

Social Sharing is now an integral part of our internet experience. Social media is constantly on the rise and it is becoming popular with older folk as well. With so much information on the internet, it is a real feat to track down what you really need. Search engines make it possible to find information that you need, but social media also plays a significant role in helping you find your favorite websites. Why ? Your friends or the people whom you follow have a lot in common with you and when they share something, it is far more likely that you’ll find the shared information of interest. 72% of internet users are active on social media and it represents a marketing opportunity which you cannot ignore. After search engines, it is social media that drives most traffic to websites. Unlike normal advertisements and television slots, it serves as a 2-way communication and helps build brand awareness.

Creating good content is only a job half done. Getting it before the target audience is the other tricky half. That’s where social sharing can give a leg up. You can tap a share button from almost any screen and content is instantly shared. There are many Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress available which you could use on your website.

1. Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress.

Monarch is the premium social sharing WordPress plugin by Elegant Themes, and in our opinion it really is one of the best social media plugins you can choose for your WordPress website. Included with their developer and lifetime licenses, Monarch is the perfect solution for all of your social sharing needs. With more than 35+ social networks, 5 different button locations, 6 pop-up and fly-in triggers, optional counts, custom colors and more all built-in you can literally build your own one of a kind set of social buttons.

2. Social Warfare.

Social Warfare comes from the Warfare Plugins company. It’s a simple and sleek solution for getting your posts and pages shared. The main reason users like Social Warfare is because the buttons are attractive.

3. Easy Social Sharing.

Easy Social Sharing is one of the best free social sharing plugins for WordPress. Firstly, it is our home product i.e. created by ThemeGrill, tested and also used in many of our own and client projects. Secondly, it is easy to use, simple yet powerful that is suitable for beginners as well as experts. Like its name, Easy Social Sharing plugin has simplified social sharing on WordPress.

4. Sumo Share.

This isn’t your typical WordPress plugin. Sumo is a suite of apps designed to help you grow your traffic. While you can use these apps with any site that supports HTML, they have a specific WordPress plugin which makes setup extremely easy. The app that allows you to add social sharing buttons is called “Share”, and it performs brilliantly. There are a huge number of places that you can add your social buttons to and it’s all done by a clickable interface. Just click on where you want them to go. You can select a different placement for mobile devices too.

5. Revive Old Posts.

Revive Old Posts is a well known and very effective plugin that will help to get constant traffic to the old posts on your blog. With this plugin you can completely automate the process of sharing your old posts, you can schedule it and add hashtags automatically right from your WordPress dashboard.

It is important not to go overboard and put in all the WordPress social sharing plugins that are available. Add only what is necessary and what is suitable to the demography of your site’s audiences.

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