What Your Website Should Have

We have already covered most of the basic things you need to know when building, creating, or designing your website. Now, we will provide you with some pointers when it comes to the things you must include in your website.

White Space

It’s okay to fill your website with informative text, colorful graphics, and awesome videos. However, design wise, you should not cram everything in one page. Neglecting to give the elements or content in your pages some breathing space will result into aesthetic horror.

Be sure to take advantage of white space: margin, padding, line breaks, and spaces.

Simplified Navigation

Make sure that you properly organize the links in your navigation bar. Also, do not put everything in one navigation panel. Use the other parts of your web pages where you can place links that your visitors need to use to get around.

About Us

One of the first few pages that every visitor will check on a site is the About Us page. For most businesses — unless the business already has a well established reputation — people often check their sites to get information about what they are and who are the people behind those companies. Secure this part of your website to ensure you provide most people actually want to read when they visit.

Call to Action

You just don’t want your visitors to visit. You established your website for a reason. It can be lead generation, conversion, or just want to make people do something for you. For your to fulfill that purpose, you will need to place a call to action in your website.

A landing page can act as a good call to action. On the other hand, placing a call to action panel that directly asks your visitors to do something is much more preferable.

High Quality Visuals

Websites with text as the most prominent type of content will have a hard time attracting and maintaining visitors. Nowadays, people tend to stay around on websites with high quality visuals.

If you can, be sure to invest on high quality photos. However, be sure to take and upload some of your own photos. With a lot of websites using stock photos, those pictures become too common, generic, and boring, which can undermine the purpose of your visuals.

Testimonials or Reviews

We’ll be honest about online surfers. They are suckers when it comes to testimonials and reviews. Even if they know that the Internet isn’t really the best source of honesty from companies, they still tend to believe, without doubts, ‘customer’ testimonials and reviews. Make sure that you cash in on this fact.

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