Why Marketers on Facebook Messenger Will Rule the Engagement Economy


With the help of entertaining content, better brand positioning, and improved customer experience, Facebook Messenger can be used to establish a long-lasting relationship with customers. Owing to the tremendous popularity of Facebook as a potent social media platform, Facebook Messenger has also got a huge traction in recent years. As a conservative estimate, there are over 1.5 billion Facebook users today who are actively sharing, commenting and liking various interesting posts day-in and day-out. Most if these users are using Facebook Messenger as a preferred medium for individually communicating with each other.

However, this profound messenger platform has more potential than meets the eye. Businesses can implement and integrate Facebook Messenger into various service processes in order to simplify business-customer interaction. Since users have started communicating rich content through pictures, videos, GIFs, emoticons or even PDFs via messenger also, this creates a great opportunity for businesses to make messaging an important part of their strategy. Here are benefits in using Facebook messenger for your business:

1. Provide Service. Some customers post questions in comments, but others prefer private messages. They don’t want to share their personal information publicly, so they send you a message through Facebook messenger. With the help of messenger, you can directly send a private email or message with required information to your customers and clients.

2. Messenger is “safe” but it’s also far more engaging because it’s so versatile. In the mold of China’s WeChat, Facebook Messenger does it all: video calls, emojis, stickers, mobile games, payments, group chats, music, bots, and integrations with services like ride-hailing apps. The ways to engage are endless. And unlike static Facebook brand pages, which resemble the bulletin-boards of yore, Facebook Messenger is a truly 21st-century channel: it’s a never-ending personal conversation.

3. Provide real-time customer care. The Facebook Messenger facilitates a live conversation platform almost as if you are speaking with your customers face-to-face. You can instantly help them choose the size, color and quantity of products they require, you can immediately send them order confirmations, and let them check their shipping info as well. From customers’ perspective, it is always welcome to be given a private support – which is possible via FB Messenger. Using this strategy, you can send your prospective customers a sharable link, which will let them initiate a private message when they click it. Moreover, customers always love to get a real-time response whenever they seek solutions for their problems. In a survey conducted by Sprout Social, as many as 1,000 people were approached; it was found that most consumers expect a response on social media within 4 hours. This clearly makes a case for Facebook Messenger to deliver a real-time customer service.

You can quickly receive and send messages automatically, like weather and traffic updates, to customized communications like receipts, shipping notifications. Also, answering common questions like; business hours and locations, appointment scheduling and confirmations, product or service feedback. This will not only, save you time, but it will also improve the quality of your interactions so you never miss a lead, or opportunity to engage with your customers and clients.

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