Your Online Marketing Checklist for 2017

With 2017 right in front of our doorsteps, new site patterns, new web-based social networking redesigns, and new internet advertising agendas! What is more, there is no preferable time, other than now of course, to know the new trends will be and the steps you need to make in order to accomplish your marketing and business goals.

We have created a short checklist to give you a small boost that will help you start the year on the right track. This checklist is created especially for contractors who have not making full use of the web in their businesses.

Getting Your Ideal Website
As a rule of thumb, your site is the primary thing people see when they search your business online. Due to that, it is imperative to make a decent first impression with all things considered.

Firstly, be sure to showcase all the answers most people need to know about your company. Then the next thing to do is to check if your site responsive and flexible.

Does it load rapidly or slowly? Does it improve your online image and reputation? Is it capable of creating a considerable number of leads?

If you answered no to all of that, then you should consider restructuring and revamping your site’s content.

Utilizing Social Media Channels
The best thing about online networking (not the marketing stuff like pyramiding and such) is that it permits you to reach out to your potential leads and current customers.

By taking advantage of social media marketing, you can easily draw interest and people into your business. With the correct system and campaign, web-based social networking can be amazingly important to your business.

First, ensure your business has social profiles on the platforms that most of your potential clients are on. For example, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For renovation and landscaping contractors, it will be mostly Facebook and Twitter. For industrial construction contractors, LinkedIn is the best channel.

Aside from that, ensure your pages all have the correct contact information about you and your business. Also, bear in mind to mingle with your clients and followers from time to time. React to remarks, questions, and private messages. Clients and potential leads feel good if they know there is a real person behind the social media account.

Enhancing Search Engine Optimization
You need to make people have an easy time discovering your business and website. If they are not finding you, then there might be a problem with your search engine optimization or SEO.

Be sure to check your website design because it also matters in SEO. Also, make improvements on your content to help your business rank higher on search engine results pages.

There are numerous things you can do to enhance your SEO in 2017. For example, enhancing site speed and utilizing the correct keywords or search terms. Be sure to be on the lookout for new SEO trends and techniques this year for you to get ahead of the search engine game.

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